• Welcome to 6th Grade:

    We would like to start off by saying welcome to Norterra Canyon 6th grade.  We are very excited to begin this journey with you. We believe that working together as a team with students, parents, and staff will create a safe and successful learning environment for each and every student. Our philosophy in the classroom is to meet the needs of all our students by identifying what methods work best with each one to ensure they reach their full potential. We strive to help them become independent, self-motivated learners who will be prepared to meet the challenges of middle school after they leave our classroom. We enjoy teaching an integrated curriculum with diversified instruction that will hopefully make learning not only interesting, but fun! Every child is a gift and brings something special to our classroom.


    Missing/Late Work Policy for 6-8 Grade

    It is our hope that students will not need to be concerned about the Missing/Late Work Policy as our expectation is that all students complete assignments and turn them in on time.  However, if the situation arises that work must come in late, the following policy will be used in all 6th through 8th grade classrooms. 

    When the assignment is missing, there will be a “zero” as a placeholder to assist students with recognizing they are missing work.   Students will have until the end of the unit to complete the missing assignments.  If the unit is not complete at the end of the quarter, late work will be accepted until one week before the close of grades for the quarter.   Late work turned in will not receive any grade  penalty, but it may be reflected in the student’s citizenship score. If the assignment is not turned in by the end of the unit or close of grades for a quarter, the placeholder grade of 0 will be adjusted to 49%. (The lowest grade for any complete assignment is 50%.)


    Please remember that any percentages in Powerschool are not indicators of current levels of achievement. Please check the 'Snapshot' grade for current levels of achievement prior to the release of quarterly report cards.
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