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Welcome to Middle School!

     The middle school years, 7th and 8th grades, are an exciting and challenging period in a student’s educational career.  These are the transitional years between elementary and high school, in which students experience tremendous growth both physically and mentally.  Students begin to move from concrete thinking to more abstract thinking.  They learn that there’s more to answering questions than just one answer.  In fact, there could be multiple answers depending on their point of view and their research.  Students learn to support their answers using facts they gather from their research.  Students learn to see issues from various sides and to come to their own conclusions based on factual evidence.

    Students will have six classes every day.  They will have four core classes – Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  They will have one Special class, such as P.E. or Band.  Students will also have an Exploratory class.  These classes change every 9 weeks and provide the students with different learning opportunities such as Journalism, Drama, and Project STEM (science hands-on activities).

   Middle school students take on more responsibility for their learning.   Keeping note books for each class, studying daily, keeping track of daily and long term assignments are all part of middle school expectations.  While this may seem daunting at first, students are ready for these new challenges.  Students in this age group are eager for the chance to show what they can do.  They are eager to explore new learning opportunities and to excel.  As teachers of this age, we are excited to be a part of their educational experience, and to be here to lend guidance as students navigate through middle school.


7th Grade Grading Policy for Norterra Canyon


In DVUSD we use the electronic grade book of Power Schools to share with students and parents the grades that will be reflected on your student’s report card.  Gradebooks are updated on a weekly basis and every effort is made to record a minimum of one grade per week for each content area.  Grades are not recorded for introductory skills, but are to be an evaluation of academic standards and content mastery.  When assignments or scores are missing, a zero is entered until work is turned in.  This allows students and parents to identify work that needs to be completed prior to the final assessment for the unit. No single assessment or project can be more than 25% of the total grade.  On an assessment for students scoring below 80%, or as requested by students, they have the option to fill out a contract with the teacher that will allow the student to retake the assessment and replace the original grade with no penalty.


In 7th grade we use the following weights for grades in the core content areas:


Science/Social Studies


5%        Home Practice

5%        Home Practice

5%      Classwork

25%      Classwork

30%       Quizzes

30%       Quizzes

20%       Projects

40%       Assessments

40%       Assessments




Below is the grading scale used on the DVUSD report card.


Academic Subject Grades
















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Murray Ali 623.445.8283