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    In order to be successful in this course, each student will need access to basic, standard art supplies. While these supplies are an optional purchase, I will be using them as the foundation of my lesson and curriculum. Blick Art Supplies has put together an "At Home Art Lab" bundle that will work nicely for our purposes. Please follow the link to see what the bundle includes. Feel free to purchase the kit from Blick or supplement what you already have available at home. To view Blick's art bundle for middle school, click here.



    1) Drawing pad - Please do not purchase anything smaller than 8 x 10 or larger than 11 x 14; medium surface/multi-media (50-65 lb). Our students will be using these to create a visual journal to take notes, practice skills and techniques, etc. essentially creating a timeline of their skills, as well as, a working portfolio.

    2) Please consider, if you are able, purchasing supplies from an art supply store. When it comes to art supplies, you really do get what you paid for. It is also important to note that some "craft stores" such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby have separate aisles for "art supplies" and aisles specifically dedicated to pencils, paints, etc. The designated aisles are specifically geared towards Artists and will have better, longer lasting options still with a range in price point.

    3) Some brand names to look for: Strathmore, Staedtler, General, Prismacolor, Winsor & Newton, Derwent, Faber-Castell, Blick, Canson.


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