• 8th  Grade Grading Policy for Norterra Canyon


    In DVUSD we use the electronic grade book of Power Schools to share with students and parents the grades that will be reflected on your student’s report card.  Gradebooks are updated on a weekly basis and every effort is made to record a minimum of one grade per week for each content area.  Grades are not recorded for introductory skills, but are to be an evaluation of academic standards and content mastery.  When assignments or scores are missing, a zero is entered until work is turned in.  This allows students and parents to identify work that needs to be completed prior to the final assessment for the unit. No single assessment or project can be more than 25% of the total grade.  For students scoring below 80% on an assessment they may sign a contract with the teacher that will allow the student to retake the assessment and replace the original grade with no penalty.


     Missing or Late Work for 6th-8th Grade

    It is our hope that students will not need to be concerned about the Missing/Late Work Policy as our expectation is that all students complete assignments and turn them in on time.  However, if the situation arises that work must come in late, the following policy will be used in all 6th through 8th grade classrooms. 

    When the assignment is missing, there will be a “zero” as a placeholder to assist students with recognizing they are missing work.   Students will have until the end of the unit to complete the missing assignments.  If the unit is not complete at the end of the quarter, late work will be accepted until one week before the close of grades for the quarter.   Late work turned in will not receive any grade  penalty, but it may be reflected in the student’s citizenship score. If the assignment is not turned in by the end of the unit or close of grades for a quarter, the placeholder grade of 0 will be adjusted to 49%. (The lowest grade for any complete assignment is 50%.)




    In 8th grade we use the following weights for grades in the core content areas:


    Science/ Social Studies/ ELA


    5%        Home Practice

    5%        Home Practice

    15%      Classwork

    20%      Classwork

    20%       Quizzes

    35%       Quizzes

    30%       Projects

    40%       Assessments (Mid & End of Module      


    30%       Assessments




    Below is the grading scale used on the DVUSD report card.


    Academic Subject Grades














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