Sonoran desert background
  • Hello,

    Welcome to my class. My name is Mr. Gillmore, I have been teaching since 2017 where I taught high school social studies. In 2019, I moved to middle school social studies and have been teaching 8th grade for my entire middle school career.

    I graduated from ASU with a BA in History in 2008, from there I joined the Army and served for 4 1/2 years in 1st Armored division out of Fort Bliss in El Paso TX. During that time I served a 10 month tour of duty in Logar Afghanistan. When I left the Army I pursueda career as a teacher. In 2016, I obtained my Masters in teaching and I am currently working on obtaining my administration certification.

    As teacher and a military veteran, I pride myself on consistency, routine, and running a classroom that is collaborative. I have high expectations for my students and I hold them to high standards. Integrity, accountability, and pride in one's self are a few of my core values for my students.


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