Class Schedule: Regular Day

    8th grade schedule:

    Period 1: 8:45-9:53

    Period 2: 9:53-10:58

    Drop Off Bag in Pd. 3

    Lunch: 11:00-11:45

    Period 3: 11:45-12:58

    Period 4: 12:58 -2:02

    DSS: 2:02-2:45

    Specials: 2:45-3:30

    Early Release Day:

    8th grade schedule:

    Period 1: 8:45-9:33

    Period 2: 9:33-10:18

    Period 3: 10:18-11:00

    Lunch: 11:00-11:45

    Period 3: 11:45- 12:03

    Period 4: 12:03-1:02

    DSS: 1:02-1:30

    Specials: 1:30-2:00


    Mrs. Ungeheier 

    8th Grade Science Syllabus 

    West Wing School


    Email: patricia.ungeheier@dvusd.org 

    Office Hours/Tutoring:

    Tuesday and Thursday 3:55-4:45 pm

    Welcome to 8th Grade Science! We will be using Canvas for many of our assignments throughout the school year. Please make sure you are logging into Canvas, Google Docs, and your web browser with your school login information. You should be using a school district chrome book when working in Canvas or in your district issued Google Docs account. It is important that you only use school login information on your District issued device! Using personal accounts/logins can cause restricted access to assignments in Google Docs!!! 

    Canvas is a district Learning Management System where students will be completing and turning in nearly all science classwork for the entire school year. Using Canvas, students will have access to lesson materials and will be able to communicate with me. We will be spending the first week of class learning how to use Canvas as it is essential that students learn the program and expectations to be successful this year. 

    Canvas Expectations

    • All electronic assignments will be turned in and submitted through Canvas.
    • If an assignment is missing it will receive a score of 50% in the grade book until it is turned in. 
    • If a student turns in an incorrect document when turning in work it will receive a 50% until the correct assignment is submitted. 
    • Students will save all their work to their DVUSD Google Docs account. Please Do Not use personal Google accounts at school or at home.

    Class Expectations

    • Be on time
    • Be on task and ready to learn 
    • Follow teacher instructions 
    • Leave computers in your backpack until instructed to access them by the teacher
    • Remain seated unless otherwise instructed by the teacher
    • Put away all personal electronic devices
    • Be responsible for your own learning
    • Respect the teacher, classmates, and classroom. 
    • Keep the classroom clean by returning things to their proper place.
    • Trash goes in the trash can. 

    Classroom Procedures

    • Students will sanitize their hands as they come into class each day.
    • Backpacks must be kept under the seat of the desk being used.
    • Water bottles must be kept on the floor under the students desk when not in use. 
    • Students must sign in and out of the classroom when visiting the restroom.

    Classroom Supply list 8th grade Science

    • 1 spiral or composition notebook 
    • 1 or 2  pencils or erasable pens for note taking
    • 1 Glue stick for gluing printed notes into the notebook
    • 1 highlighter (optional)

    Students may also wish to bring additional supplies such as:

    • Flashcards for vocabulary words stored in a baggie or on a ring
    • Facial tissues
    • Personal hand sanitizer

    Interested in Donating to the class? We can always use:

    • Pencils
    • Glue sticks
    • Clorox Wipes

    Course Content

    Physical Science:

    • Develop and use a model to demonstrate that atoms and molecules can be combined or rearranged in chemical reactions to form new compounds with the total number of each type of atom conserved.
    • Obtain and evaluate information regarding how scientists identify substances based on unique physical and chemical properties.
    • Construct an explanation on how energy can be transferred from one energy store to another.
    • Develop and use mathematical models to explain wave characteristics and interactions.
    • Develop a solution to increase efficiency when transferring energy from one source to another.

    Earth and Space Science:

    • Analyze and interpret data about the Earth’s geological column to communicate relative ages of rock layers and fossils.
    • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about data and historical patterns to predict natural hazards and other geological events. 
    • Construct and support an argument about how human consumption of limited resources impacts the biosphere.

    Life Science

    • Construct an explanation of how genetic variations occur in offspring through the inheritance of traits or through mutations
    • Communicate how advancements in technology have furthered the field of genetic research and use evidence to support an argument about the positive and negative effects of genetic research on human lives.
    • Develop and use a model to explain how natural selection may lead to increases and decreases of specific traits in populations over time.
    • Gather and communicate evidence on how the process of natural selection provides an explanation of how new species can evolve.


    All work must be turned in on time and complete. If you do not show mastery on a test (70% or higher) you may retake it (It is the responsibility of the student to request a retake). A 50% will be given for all work that scores a 50% or lower. Missing assignments will be marked missing in powerschools and the final grade will be a 50% if not turned in.

    Late Work

    Late work will be accepted if turned in within 48 hours of the due date. Once this time has passed the assignment will lock and the student will receive a 50% for the assignment. 


    • If you are aware of an absence ahead of time, please notify your teachers.
    • No work will be provided before your period of absence.
    • You will be expected to complete all work while you are out when possible or turn it in upon your return. 
    • Most assignments in Science are available on Canvas if you are absent. 
    • Please keep track of your missing work by looking at the MODULES in Canvas.
    • If you are able to complete assignments while you are out this will help you to avoid falling behind. Most assignments are provided on Canvas along with an instructional video. You can find them by looking in MODULES



    Given the nature of our ever changing classroom, technology guidelines are broad to encompass both online and in person learning. 

    Personal devices and cell phones are not permitted in the classroom. Devices are expected to remain out of reach and free from distraction during class time. 

    While using the computer to conduct any class activities, avoid background distractions such as youtube or games. 

    Inappropriate use of technology can and will result in disciplinary action. 


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