• Kindergarten, January 3, 2021

    Hello Kinder Parents,


    Welcome back to GP virtually! We hope everyone had a relaxing break and ready to get back to learning! We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow on Zoom!  It's definitely not the way we'd like to return but as always we will make the best of it. :)  

    Please take a minute this evening to make sure that your child's iPad is updated and charged.  Also please make sure the Canvas Student app is still downloaded.  If you don't see it please go to the DVUSD app store and download it.  Canvas may not be available until the morning. Our goal is to ONLY use Canvas to log onto Zoom.  Using the zoom links through Canvas protects the security of our meetings. Once logged in, we should have everything needed in the black tubs that were sent home. Your child’s log-in information is in the baggie with the iPad plug if needed.  It would be best if your child had a quiet work area set up with supplies in the black tub and free of toys, food, and other distractions.   We are almost at the 100th day of school and your children know our classroom routines, so they should be able to work with us via Zoom independent of your help. We just need you to help get them logged on and make sure their packets are readily available!  We had a talk before we left about how much they have grown and the good workers that they have become.  They know our class well enough now to know exactly what is expected and the routines we follow. Our work will introduce new skills and continue to build on previously learned skills using a familiar format. Special area teachers will be teaching live on zoom each day as well. You will find the information below.


    If your child is absent from school, you will need to call the attendance line and also use Canvas to find videos/lessons that your child missed for the day. We will try to match our daily classroom schedule including snack breaks, recess/lunch, specials, etc.. but understand that during virtual learning we may find that we need more breaks throughout the day without looking at the screen. We promise to do that if it's necessary.

    During MTSS time (2:15-2:45) Students will work independently on CAPIT/Dreambox. Teachers will be available on zoom to answer any questions or help with assignments as needed. Please reach out for any assistance needed.  


    Mrs. Newell's Homeroom Schedule Monday to Thursday 

    Mrs. Newell's Homeroom Early Release Schedule on Friday

    Mrs. Newell’s Special Area Class/Miss Chung’s Mandarin

    Mrs. Song’s Homeroom Mon. - Thurs. Schedule

    Mrs. Song’s Homeroom Friday Schedule

    Mrs. Song’s Special Area Class/PE with Coach Tiedeman



    January 4th - January 8th:  Virtual Learning

    January 11th - January 15th:  Virtual Learning

    January 18th:  No School

    January 19th:  Return to Campus

    Again, we are excited to get back to our kindergarten learning time together and looking forward to an amazing new year! We are here for any support you may need!


    Thank you!

    Your Kinder Team,

    Mrs. Newell and   Mrs. Song