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    Welcome to the 2020/2021 School Year From Dr. Stulc!


    Hey Bulldogs!


    It is very exciting to know we are just days away from welcoming you and having you meet your new teachers! We are working hard to ensure we can provide a year that is very special and want to continue to offer opportunities for students to participate in clubs and activities and athletics. Thank you for your continued support and for your belief in the possibilities. Our first priority, is to ensure you have the classes you need to continue on their path to graduation.


    Check your schedule in Canvas-- you will have 6 classes and each class is in Canvas. You will meet for 2 hours every other day. This is a block schedule where we have an "A day" and a "B day" which alternate to ensure you get quality time with each teacher. We design this so you can interact with your peers during class and have the support you need from teachers as you are learning in this new virtual environment.


    Our teachers have prepared Synchronous learning for each class period and will also provide some activities and learning expectations that are asynchronous and so you must log in every day and follow your class schedule. The Chromebook we are providing to students this year will be a very important part of their success and so if they do not have their own computer please contact sue.barsky@dvusd.org if you still need to pick up a device.


    Classes begin Monday a.m. at 7:35 and so these are some tips:

    • Each class is in Canvas and has a Zoom link to enter the synchronous learning--Be on time and follow the new Block bell schedule daily
    • Have a work station set up so you can type, interact, download forms to the computer, etc.
    • Dress for school as you will be seen on Zoom and it helps you to get into a routine and feel as if you are headed to classes
    • Eat breakfast prior to class at 7:35 and stretch and get some food again at lunch time---this online world requires a lot of energy
    • Be on time as you are marked tardy or absent just as if it is a regular school day; You must be present with the teacher in the course each day.

    We are in this together and so get ready for a brand new year and a new way of learning!


    Thank you---we are grateful to be getting back to school. Get involved, take risks, get out of your comfort zone. We have missed you!


    Be your BULLDOG BEST!


    With warm regards,

    Dr. Stulc


    Anita Stulc, Ed.D.
    Barry Goldwater High School
    A+ School of Excellence 2011, 2015
    IB World School #01131

    Deer Valley Unified School District
    (623) 445-3004