• Support Staff


    There is so much more to running a great school than just having students and teachers. The reason why Sunset Ridge is one of the top schools in our district is because of the incredible support staff that works tirelessly in the background making sure everything is running the way it is supposed to. Whether it is registering new students, keeping all of our supplies stocked, fixing a broken light switch or cooking great meals every day - our support staff rocks!!
    Our Support Staff Team
    Jennifer Fusco School Secretary

    (623) 445-7804

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    Vicki Chitwood Registrar

    (623) 445-7806

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    Courtney Bryce Acct. Clerk

    (623) 445-7805

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    Laura Craig 


    (623) 445-7810 email icon
    Millie Grossman Cafeteria Manager

    (623) 445-7814

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    Sabrina Campbell Library Specialist

    (623) 445-7813

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    Rich Swick Plant Foreman

    (623) 445-7815

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