• Welcome  to the Low Vision Department for DVUSD

    We understand how important it is for students with a vision impairment to receive the right support to excel in their education. At DVUSD, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services tailored specifically for preschool through 12th-grade students.

    Our Services

    Functional Vision Assessment: Our team of  Certified Teachers of Vision Impairments (TVI) conduct thorough assessments to understand each student's vision challenges and recommend suitable aids and devices to optimize their visual abilities. All that is needed is an eye report within a year from an eye doctor. We will interpret the report.

    Assistive Technology Assessment: We offer access to low vision aids and tools, such as magnifiers, electronic readers, and keyboarding skills to help students participate fully in their academics with peers. This will be assessed with the Functional Vision Assessment.

    Learning Media Identification: We determine the most suitable learning media for each student based on the assessment results. This may include large print materials, digital resources, tactile graphics, or auditory materials.

    Mobility Training:  Students learn how to safely and effectively navigate the school campus, including hallways, stairs, classrooms, and other essential areas.

    Orientation: Help students familiarize themselves with the school's layout, understanding key landmarks and points of reference.

    Educational Support: We collaborate with teachers, parents, and school staff to ensure the students' learning environment is accommodating and conducive to their needs. This is provided through consultation, direct support, accommodation, on-going monitoring, or a combination of all. 


    Our Commitment

    We are committed to empowering students with vision impairment to succeed academically and personally. Our student-centered approach is focused on providing all our students with skills to access the school curriculum.

    We believe that with the right support, students with low vision can thrive, achieve their academic goals, and develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.




  • ALONE we can do so little;

    TOGETHER we can do so much.  

    ---Helen Keller