Instructor name: 

    Michael Hayes

    P.E. & Health Teacher 

    Email: Michael.Hayes@dvusd.org

    Office Hours:

    Zoom Virtual Office Hours- Monday's at 1pm 
    Message me anytime and I will  try to respond within 48 hours or less.



    Semester: Fall 2020

    Aug 3rd-December 13th

    Location TBD

    Due Date Calendar-please print or save in a place that's easily accessible. It will help keep you on task and give you tools to be successful in this course.

     Fall 2020 Due Date Calendar


    Health Teacher

          Deer Valley Online Learning Program

         Vista Peak High School

    Physical Education Teacher

           Vista Peak High School


    Final Exams are Mandatory


    Final Exams: Dec 15th, 16th, and 17th  3-7pm (You must allow 2 hours per final.)

    Final Testing Location TBD- Stay Tuned

    Course Description: Health will provide students with the skills and knowledge to make personal health decisions and maintain a healthy environment. Meets the health portion of the graduation requirement. Required with a physical education core class. 

    Course Topics: 

    You can  access your coursework from the Modules Page

    Module 1: Promoting a Lifetime of Health and Wellness



    Module 5:Establishing Healthy Relationships



    Module 2:Being Mentally and Emotionally Healthy


    Module 6:Protecting Your Health


    Module 3: Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

    Module 7: Understanding Diseases and Disorders




    Module 4:Avoiding Hazardous Substances




    Module 8: Human Reproduction and Development

    Final Review:

    No Finals During the Summer Semester due to COVID-19

    Specific Course Requirements:

    You must have internet access in order to log into Canvas and complete your work. 

    Required Readings:

    In this course, we will be using the online textbook Essentials of Health by Goodheart Wilcox (2021). There will be PDF copies of the textbook chapters available within each module.

    Testing Procedures:

    You will be given a Test at the end of each chapter and a final eam.

    Grading Procedures:

    Grades will be imputed within 72 hours of being submitted. All work must be turned in by the due date to receive credit. If an assignment is late you will receive a maximum of  1/2 credit. 

    Grading Scales:

    Grades will be weighted 50% Homework/50% Assessments

    90-100% = A

    80-89%  =B

    70-79%  =C

    60-69%  =D

    59% & below = F

    Assignments and Projects:

    The assignments within the modules must be completed in order. Do not skip around. Do not take the Unit Test until you have completed each assignment.

    Each chapter consists of the following activities: Personal Inventory, Vocabulary Activities, Chapter readings, Quiz, videos, Unit Project/Worksheets and a Test.

    Class Participation:

    Students must communicate with other students in the discussion board, students are expected to communicate with the instructor as a learning resource, and students must check frequently for announcements.


    Participation is required,  learn how to navigate in the learning management system, keep abreast of course announcements, use the message system within Canvas as opposed to a personal email address, address technical problems immediately, and observe course netiquette at all times.

    Communication Guidelines:


    • Use the internal message system in Canvas only.
    • Always include a subject line.
    • Remember without facial expressions some comments may be taken the wrong way. Be careful in wording your emails. Use of emoticons might be helpful in some cases.
    • Use standard fonts.
    • Do not send large attachments without permission.
    • Special formatting such as centering, audio messages, tables, html, etc. should be avoided unless necessary to complete an assignment or other communication.
    • Respect the privacy of other class members

    Discussion Groups:

    • Review the discussion threads thoroughly before entering the discussion.
    • Try to maintain threads by using the "Reply" button rather starting a new topic.
    • Do not make insulting or inflammatory statements to other members of the discussion group. Be respectful of other’s ideas.
    • Be patient and read the comments of other group members thoroughly before entering your remarks.
    • Be cooperative with group leaders in completing assigned tasks.
    • Be positive and constructive in group discussions.
    • Respond in a thoughtful and timely manner.


    • Introduce yourself to the other learners in the chat session.
    • Be polite. Choose your words carefully. Do not use derogatory statements.
    • Be concise in responding to others in the chat session.
    • Be prepared to open the chat session at the scheduled time.
    • Be constructive in your comments and suggestion.

    Technical Support:

    From time to time Canvas may go down. Return later to attempt to login and continue working. If problem persists, please contact me through e-mail. Please do not hesitate to message me with any issues you may be having with Canvas.