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  • Deer Valley Online Academy

    This flexible option is ideal for some families during this unique time that we are currently experiencing. Students have the flexibility of learning and completing their lessons, assignments, and assessments with a weekly perspective. All assigned activities should be completed each week by Sunday evenings. Students will be able to work one week ahead. 

    • A tuition-free full-time option for any student that resides in Arizona.
    • Embedded supports provided for all students: 
      • Students with an IEP will receive specially designed instruction from a certified special education teacher. Students with IEPs are required to attend their daily small groups with heir service coordinators within the school day to receive their specially designed instructional minutes. 
      • Gifted identified students work with gifted endorsed teachers
      • English Language Learners are supported through the adopted Structured English Immersion (SEI) models 
    • The K-12 online curriculum is aligned to the Deer Valley Unified School District scope and sequence.
    • Students will engage in their online courses including virtual class meetings, independent learning activities, and participation in online learning labs for additional tutoring and support. Each course has weekly deadlines with the opportunity for students to work when their schedule allows.  
    • Participation in before and after school activities are provided at students’ home schools (i.e. clubs and athletics).
    • SEL supports will be provided for all students including specific curriculum and access to counselors.

    Deer Valley Online Academy provides an option for Arizona families who desire a full-time DVUSD online learning experience that meets their unique needs. 

  • Kindergarten through 6th Grade Program Provides:

    • a homeschool experience using the Deer Valley curriculum and the support of certifiedexperienced educators and support staff
    • enrollment of any student; open for families who are outside DVUSD boundaries
    • options for students participating in extensive extracurricular programs
    • support to students that need online instruction options due to medical needs
    • flexibility due to extensive travel 

    Middle School Program Provides:

    • Opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to take semester or quarter-long courses by building an individualized schedule to meet a student's unique needs:
        • Flexibility for work schedules 
        • Participation in competitive sports programs with the home campus (i.e., Junior Olympics, travel teams, national leagues)
        • An option for our students and families during this uncertain time showing we have a plan to support you and your learner if your needs require a long-term on-line solution
    • Option of a homeschool experience and has the support of proven Deer Valley curriculum and access to experienced educators and support staff
    • Support to students that need online instruction options due to medical needs