CTE Courses

  •  Did you know?

    • Online CTE programs are open to all high school students in Deer Valley Unified School District
    • Completing a full course sequence (program) results in the opportunity for free industry certification
      • e.g., Media Productions leads to an Adobe certification and Business Operations leads to a Microsoft Office certification
    • You can earn credit for working your senior year in the CTE Internship program
    • You can complete all programs in two years
    • You can take any online CTE course in fall, spring, or summer

     Online CTE Courses Offered:

    • Accounting 1-2
    • Business Operations 1-2
    • Marketing 1-2
    • Media Productions 1-2
    • Software & Application Design 1-2
    • CTE Internship 1-2

     Our Online CTE Students...

    • Have career, entrepreneurship, and or work interests
    • Start their freshman, sophmore, or junior year
    • Are seniors who have completed a program and are in the online CTE Internship courses
    • Have full schedules on campus with band, sports, student government, community college, International Bacclaureate program
    • Have interest in a course not available on their campus
  • At-A-Glance

    • Ten, year one semester, CTE courses available online
    • Option to continue year two on your campus
    • Senior year option for industry internship
    • Courses available fall, spring, summer