• As counselor at Norterra Canyon, my primary function is to provide, improve, promote or support student growth in the following areas:

    • Academic success - preparation, focus, time management
    • Communication Skills - active listening, building on others' ideas
    • Social/Emotional Balance - accepting criticism, dealing with setbacks, identifying and appropriately handling stressors
    • Responsibility/Decision-Making - owning behaviors, recognizing consequences, options, risks, rewards and consequences

    In addition to direct student-oriented goals, I will deliver mini-lessons in stress reduction, defense mechanisms and the importance of self-esteem.  I will also work with teachers to develop and reinforce strategies to help students succeed in their classrooms.

    My background includes 42 years as a middle school teacher, counselor and principal.  I received my M.S. in counseling at New York State University College at Buffalo and was granted a Doctor of Letters from Northern Arizona University. 

    Please feel free to contact me at tony.cosmano@dvusd.org or 623-445-8217.