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    Welcome to Pathways!


    Pathways will cover one semester of ELA over the course of the session. 

    We will be using the DVUSD adopted curriculum and focus on the AZ State Standards for English Language Arts.  We will continue to use Canvas as our main delivery of materials with additional in-class discussion.  Assignments will be posted daily on Canvas - students may only work on that day's assignments and they will not have homework - given that they are managing their time during class. However, if students choose not to take advantage of the provided time to complete assignments, they may create homework for themselves.



    Arrive on time and ready to learn!  

    Canvas 1

    • Login to Canvas online or with the Canvas app (iOs/Android).
      • Please bring your device (fully charged) to class each day.
      • All of our assignments will be available online, but this is not an online class. Lessons and further explanations will be given in class.
    • Parents can also log in to Canvas to observe classes and student progress. Parents even have their very own app: Canvas Parent.



    • Arrive with a good attitude and your device to access Canvas. 
    • Be prepared to discuss and complete our assignments.
    • Ask questions-- I am here to help!