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    Gifted Testing Schedule

    If your child is registered for gifted testing, this will take place February 6th - February 16th.  Click here for the full schedule to see when your child will test.

    Important Reminders:

    • K,1 will test with paper/pencil
    • Grades 3 - 8 must have a charged Chromebook the days of testing
    • Grades 3 - 8 must have headphones/earbuds that will plug into the Chromebook.  Wireless earbuds will not connect.
    • A student cannot study for the CogAT.  It is a measure of how the child's brain thinks.  To help your child be successful, have him/her get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast prior to school.  
    • If your child is absent the day of testing, there will be make up days on 2/14 & 2/16, as well as the following week, if needed.

    February Conferences

    February Conferences are upon us!  If you have questions or concerns about your gifted child or our gifted services at Sonoran Foothills, please sign up for a conference by clicking the link below.  Please note if you would like this conference in-person or on Zoom.  This conference will only be with Mrs. Johnson.  

    Conference Sign Up