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      WELCOME to Aspire/ DVOA ~ grade 3! Together, we will make DVOA #Extraordinary         

    Mrs. Cindy Costello Grade 3~ Aspire/ DVOA

    Best way to contact: Canvas Inbox message or Email : cindy.costello@dvusd.org

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    Meet The Teacher Night: July 28, 2021 5:15-7:00 pm at Bellair 

    First Day of School: August 2, 2021

    8:45am - 3:30 pm

    Log into Canvas at 8:45- Zooms begin- Specials 

    First Class Zoom with Mrs. Costello: 9:30 SEL 

    View Canvas for schedule and links please


    Curicculum Night : 8/19/21 

    Here is our 3rd grade presenation:

    3rd grade Aspire Curriculum Night 2021






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     Meet Mrs. Costello video (below- click on link) Meet The Teacher Night- DVOA- Grade 3- July 28,2021 5:15-7:00 pm

    Meet Mrs. Costello!


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    I am very excited to begin our third grade learning journey together! I have many exciting learning opportunities planned for our year together, making it the best year ever!
    Welcome to our class!
     Ready to Zoom, Learn, Grow and Shine!
     Mrs. C online


     Home of Costello's Critters! 

    "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire" William Butler Yeats




     F- Focused

     I- Innovative

     R- Respectful

     E- Empowered 







    Our Motto:
    We will work together to make this a wonderful learning journey!
    Here is to a great year,
    Mrs. Costello
    Grade 3 Schedule 


    Class Name

     M- F 8:45 -9:30


    Mon- Thurs:






    Mon: Music

    Wed: PE

    Thurs: Art




    SEL Zoom



    ELA Zoom


    Mon- Th

    11:00 -11:15






    Social Studies











    Friday early release at 1:15

     1:30-2:00 M- TH
     Mon- Thurs
     small groups 
    **Fridays: Math 11:30-12:00