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    Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies provide an all-day self-contained learning experience addressing the individual needs of gifted students. Students acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, science, and technology literacy. Students work at advanced levels within these content areas at an accelerated pace. Learning opportunities include engagement in higher order and critical thinking skills; broadened musical exposure and performance (at our Highland Lakes program); more in-depth STEM projects and activities (at our Canyon Springs program); personal development and responsibility; and community and peer involvement.
    DVUSD offers this opportunity at two of our campuses. Please visit the schools' websites for specific information about each campus. 
    The Renaissance Highly Gifted
    & Music Academy at Highland Lakes focus on highly gifted learners
    with a passion for developing
    diverse musical talents.
    Serving grades 1st - 8th
     The Renaissance Highly Gifted & STEM Academy at Canyon Springs focus on highly gifted learners with a passion for the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.
    Serving grades 1st - 8th







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    Application Info

    The following information applies to both campuses.

    Qualified students are those who have met the published eligibility requirements, and who have applied and been accepted to attend the Highly Gifted Renaissance Academies.

    In this learning community of supportive and collaborative peers, students are expected to take responsibility and ownership for their academic achievement and personal growth framed by their strengths and interests.

    Program Philosophy

    The Highly Gifted Renaissance Academies focus on gifted learners’ needs and interests. Learning opportunities focus on mastery; higher order and critical thinking skills; community engagement; personal development and responsibility.

    In our self-contained gifted classrooms, we…
    • have the opportunity to differentiate the curriculum
    • move along the learning continuum as quickly and appropriately as possible
    • design instruction through assessments and teach the “whole” child
    • know that quality learning takes time but realizes superior results



    The Highly Gifted Renaissance Academy curriculum is specifically designed to respond to gifted learners’ characteristics of precocity, intensity and complexity. Acceleration of basic content experiences, inquiry as a fundamental tool for encouraging learning, use of open-ended activities and questions that encourage further exploration, development of creative products to stimulate use of higher level thinking and problem-solving processes and extensions to pique interest around substantive content.


    Renaissance Academy Goals


    Our academic goals for students:

    1. Acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, and science.
    2. Work at an advanced level within these content areas.
    3. Produce work within these areas that reflects individuality and creativity at a level that is advanced in relationship to other students of the same grade.
    4. Use technology as a productivity, creativity, communication and collaboration tool. (International Society for Technology in Education Standards)

    Our cognitive and affective goals for students:

    1. Problem solve; think creatively, critically and logically; and make connections between ideas.
    2. Acquire the knowledge and skills of learning and organizing.
    3. Acquire advanced research skills to gather, analyze, and apply information and ideas.
    4. Acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively both within and beyond the classroom.
    5. Acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as a responsible member of a community. 


     Lays the groundwork for our Renaissance programs!
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     Engaging Students and Supporting Their Potential