• Science Is My Jam!

    Physical Science

    • Analyze and interpret data to show that changes in states of matter are caused by different rates of movement of atoms in solids, liquids, and gases (Kinetic Theory).
    • Plan and carry out an investigation to demonstrate that variations in temperature and/or pressure affect changes in state of matter.
    • Develop and use models to represent that matter is made up of smaller particles called atoms.
    • Develop and use a model to predict how forces act on objects at a distance.
    • Analyze how humans use technology to store (potential) and/or use (kinetic) energy.

    Earth and Space Science

    • Investigate and construct an explanation demonstrating that radiation from the Sun provides energy and is absorbed to warm the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.
    • Use ratios and proportions to analyze and interpret data related to scale, properties, and relationships among objects in our solar system.
    • Develop and use models to explain how constellations and other night sky patterns appear to move due to Earth’s rotation and revolution.
    • Use a model to show how the tilt of Earth’s axis causes variations in the length of the day and gives rise to seasons.

    Life Science

    • Use evidence to construct an argument regarding the impact of human activities on the environment and how they positively and negatively affect the competition for energy and resources in ecosystems.
    • Engage in argument from evidence to support a claim about the factors that cause species to change and how humans can impact those factors.
    • Develop and use models to demonstrate the interdependence of organisms and their environment including biotic and abiotic factors.
    • Construct a model that shows the cycling of matter and flow of energy in ecosystems.



    "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"- Miss Frizzle (My Role Model)