• Parent Survival Guide 2022-2023



    Classroom Management

    My main strategy for classroom management this year is a classroom economy. This real-life system is based on rewards, consequences and privileges. Students will earn pretend money, called Star Bucks, for completing classroom jobs, good character, turning in completed assignments/homework, working hard, and following school/classroom rules. However, students may also have to pay fines as a consequence. Students will be able to spend their money at the School Store filled with goodies or pay for a classroom/school privilege. Through my classroom economy, students learn valuable life skills.

    For minor/major school infractions, the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook will be followed.



    My first and most important goal when working with families is to establish frequent, positive communication. One way in which I will communicate is through the student’s homework packet cover sheet. It will contain the weeks' learning objectives, homework, class/school events and more.

    If you need to contact me regarding behavior or academics, please email me at erin.stilwell@dvusd.org.  I check my email a few times a day. This is the best and fastest way to reach me, as the classroom phones do not ring through during school hours. If you would like to have a conference, please email me to schedule an appointment. We have morning and afternoon duties that make it hard for us to accommodate drop-ins.  Thank you for understanding that every minute with your children in class is valuable.



    Please start homework routines early in the year! Let your child know homework is an important activity. It reinforces concepts we are working on in school. Homework packets will be passed out at the end of the school day on Fridays and will be due the following Friday morning. Please also make sure your child is reading aloud to you every evening for 15 minutes.

    Thank you again for supporting your child’s learning experiences this year. If you should have any questions about homework assignments, please send a note with your child or email me.


    Snack Breaks & Water Bottles

    Students will be given an opportunity for two snack breaks a day during their morning and afternoon recesses, (students may bring in two snacks daily).  Please send easy to eat finger foods that do not require utensils. Examples include Goldfish crackers, grapes, fruit snacks, pretzels, etc… No candy or items including nuts are allowed. Snack time is a privilege and can be adapted accordingly. I also encourage students to bring a water bottle with their name on it. The bottle must only contain water and have a spill-proof lid. If you would like to please apply sunscreen prior to taking your child to school each day.

    Breakfast and Lunch

    If you would like for your child to purchase breakfast, then they must report to the cafeteria in the morning at 8:30am. They need to eat their breakfast in the cafeteria.  They may not bring breakfast to the classroom.  If they are not getting breakfast, they report directly to their classroom. Please sign up for the school lunches ahead of time to add money to your child's account at www.ezschoolpay.com.

    Menu: https://www.myschoolmenus.com/instance/818/district/815



    Parent pick-up is following the same procedures as last school year. Please stay in your car and have your child’s name and youngest child’s grade level displayed in your car window/dash where it can be visible.



    This year store-bought birthday snacks are permitted again! Please bring in treats for your child the morning of the day you would like us to celebrate your child.  All snacks and treats need to be nut-free please. 


    Parents/Guardians are allowed on campus again.  This is great news! If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please email me at erin.stilwell@dvusd.org.  I will be sending out information on opportunities for volunteers.  All volunteers need to be trained through the district.  Most of our opportunities will revolve around our STEM activities. 


    2nd Grade supply list:


    If you are not comfortable with your child sharing supplies in Art, please see this link for a list of supplies you can purchase for your child and keep at school: https://www.dvusd.org/Page/76351