Welcome to 5th grade

    Social Studies

    United States Studies - American Revolution to Industrialism - 1763 to 1900s

    • Regions of the United States 

    • American Revolution

    Students will learn about the different regions of the United States. Specifically, they will understand the climate, landscape, economy and history of each region. 

    Students will learn about the American Revolution. Specifically, they will learn about the events that led up to the Revolution; Early Colonization,The Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and The Revolutionary battles.


    • Matter 

      • Plan and carry out investigations


    • Force and Motion

      • Analyzing and Interpreting Data

      • Constructing explanations and interpreting data

      • Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information

    Students will be able to identify the properties of matter. They will understand scale and proportion and now energy flows. In addition, students will be able to identify systems and models by observing patterns and cause and effect.