• MRHS Career Inquiry/ Transition School To Work




    Mrs. Brunk:

    I am so excited to be teaching Career Inquiry for the third year at Mountain Ridge High School. I am a Phoenix native, I graduated from GCU with a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and I enjoy traveling and being outdoors.


    Contact Me:

    Room CC308

    Email- elizabeth.brunk@dvusd.org

    Phone- 623-824-9207

    Canvas- https://dvusd.instructure.com/courses/182894



    1st: Career Inquiry

    2nd: Office Hours

    3rd: Office Hours

    4th: Career Inquiry

    5th: Lunch

    6th: Prep

    7th: Off-Campus

    *** Please contact me to schedule before or after school office hours



    Career Inquiry Syllabus