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    I understand that many of you take Marketing online for a multitude of reasons.  A successful experience will depend upon organizing your time.  Please set aside specific times to focus on your work and I promise to provide meaningful feedback.  In addition, use a device that allows you to experience the course in a mindful way.  Meaning, please use a school assigned device, desktop, or laptop.  Phones are not ideal for submitting or experiencing the content.  

    Design is a huge part of Marketing.  While I do not expect you to be a graphic designer, please take time to insert images and examples in your coursework and assessments so your learning is clear to both of us. 

    For example, if you tell me your favorite brand is Nike, share rich details about the unique aspects of Nike that exemplify product/service management.  Product/Service Management is creating, changing, or adapting products to different customers and organizations. Nike works with collegiate athletics, professional sports, and individual customers to deliver products that satisfy both wants and needs.  Look at the image below of Nike's "Heating Up" to get an idea.  


    Heating Up Nike Product

Last Modified on September 24, 2023