• 5th Band:

    Students will be learning the basics on how to hold their instrument. How to play their instrument. How to read music and working together as an ensemble to play together!

    5th band is split into sections that meet once a week. With everyone coming together on Friday

    Monday: All Brass

    Tuesday: All Woodwinds

    Wednesday: All percussion

    Friday: Everyone at once

    6th Band:

    Students will continue to expand their musical knowledge by working on more advanced music and music theory. We will meet Three times a week during specials on Wednesday through Friday  

    7/8 band:

    In middle school band, students will be working on playing as an ensemble with more advanced music and developing their skills as intermediate players. 

    We will be putting on 4 concerts over the school year and two assessments, once per semester. Our assessments are a district wide event where every school goes to their local high school to perform in front of judges for valuable feedback on what we did well and things to improve on.

    Middle school band meets every day for 1st hour.

    Required materials for 5th-8th Band

    - Instrument

    - Clarinet/Saxophone will Constantly need Reeds. Clarinet will need reeds with a strength of 2 and saxophone reeds with a strength of 2.5


    - Anthem Band shirt (Not ready as of 9/8, will send out forms to purchase as soon as I can!)

    -7/8 band will need a three ring binder for their music


    5/6/7/8 Choir

    6th Choir will meet during specials on Monday and Tuesday 

    7/8 Chour will meet every day for the last class of the day 

    All students will be learning how to properly sing and read music while singing as an ensemble 


    If you ever have any questions or concerns please email me at Matthew.Walsh@dvusd.org