• Dear Aspire Seniors and Parents,

    I’m writing this letter to inform our Aspire seniors and families about the upcoming logistics regarding graduation for the 2021-2022 academic year. After much parent and student input from our current senior class, the Deer Valley Unified School District will not be hosting an Aspire graduation but will allow students to graduate from their current boundary school as it is listed in our enrollment documents. Students will continue to take online courses and be fully supported by the online school, however, once you/your student nears graduation, they will be a part of the graduating class at their prescribed boundary school. With this, students will enjoy the benefits of partaking in the large graduation ceremonies offered by our campuses, engage in senior activities such as prom and other senior events, and take graduation photos with the regalia associated with the boundary school. Students who are out of district will be aligned to the nearest regional school and be allowed to engage in the same abovementioned activities.   

    Other logistical measures that were considered when making this decision apart from aforementioned items listed were the ease of transferring student documentation to post-secondary institutions from an established DVUSD school, lack of facilities for our current Aspire seniors to partake in activities as our school is still under construction, as well as taking into consideration that the pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed upon the regular school year may have been a catalyst for remaining online as opposed to being at the home campus.

    We will be in contact with you regarding your/your student’s upcoming activities. If you are unsure of where your boundary school is, please do not hesitate to contact us at 602-467-5759 or view the boundary map for high schools found on the website and click on school information, then, boundary maps to locate your school.


    Juliet Amara