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    Here you'll learn how to get started successfully for Spanish 1-2 class & a little information about me, Señorita B!
    As always, if you have any questions send me a message in Canvas or an email: emily.burden@dvusd.org
    Getting Started Successfully
    When and where is class?
    >> You can check PowerSchools to see your classroom number
    >> Block B is 6:00pm - 8:45pm
    >> Spring 1 Spanish 1/2 is at Deer Valley High School
    What do I need?
    Here's what I recommend you have for your Spanish Class:
    >> Charged I-Pad (Used daily)
    >> Pencils (Used daily)
    >> Lined Paper / Notebook (Used weekly)
    Spanish 1-2
    This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Students learn vocabulary and basic language structures through conversation and written expression.cabulary, language structure, and knowledge of Spanish cultures. 
    My classes use Canvas for a variety of assignments including classwork, quizzes, & tests. I recommend that parents/gaurdians not only utilize PowerSchools to keep track of their student's progress, but to also use Canvas. Parents/gaurdians are able to be 'observers' of their student to track progress.