• 2020- 2021 SCHOOL YEAR

    Hello and welcome! I'm Lorann Suddarth

    Spanish Teacher at HLS and DVOA.  I teach Spanish 1-2 and 3-4H.

    Meet the teacher video is below.

    Copy and paste this: https://youtu.be/aC7HqpU3vgM

    I thought I would write to tell you how assigning and grading of work goes in Spanish.
    It takes 2 weeks for a student to earn an F. They can get an A starting in the first week, as soon as they do the work.
    In Canvas there are 6 or 7 assignments per week, some done in class, during class-time with me, and some to be done as homework. The discussion assignments take 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Cha- ching! Easy peasy. Other assignments, might be writing 10 sentences, or writing the new vocab words. That takes a little more time. There are Quizizz and Quizlet game/activities, which are also fairly short on time, also not too hard. Sometimes one assignment is more time consuming. I make those assignments worth more points. Still do-able since they have 2 weeks in which to get the work completed. Estudio work is the online "workbook" practice taken monthly, if assigned. It shows in Canvas as 0 points and in PowerSchool for full value. They have a month do it, and we do this in class together, and or as homework.
    Assignments in Canvas have a week to be turned in on time. After that, Canvas automatically gives half credit if they haven't done the work. They then have 7 more days in which they can turn in late assignments. I change their grade if they get me late work in the second week. After that, the grade remains an F. I will not take work past the 2 week time limit this semester.
    We just started week 4. They have 2 weeks of work graded and in the grade book. If you see a -- instead of a grade in Power Schools grade-book, it is a recent assignment, not yet graded.
    Please take a moment to look at their grade in PowerSchools, not Canvas.
    Power Schools always has the most correct grade.
    Consider shadowing your child in Canvas. Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content.
    Remember, this is a high school credit, high school transcript course. It may be more rigorous than other classes. If students are short on time and have to choose between one subject's homework or another, I recommend Spanish.
    Thank you for your time! We are off to a great start! There are a few who need a gentle nudge.
    Check your child's grades please. ( :