• The Gifted Academy at Las Brisas Elementary

    Providing gifted instructional strategies to all students.  Students do not need to be gifted qualified to benefit from these instructional updates.  

    All students are taught using Gifted instructional strategies. These strategies focus on choice, exploration, and are highly differentiated based upon readiness, content, and learning outcome.  We are excited that we were able to bring these changes to Las Brisas in August of 2022 to benefit ALL of our students.

    Check out the Gifted Page for more information.

    Las Brisas Gifted Academy opened in the Fall of 2022. All students attending the academy, regardless of gifted identification, will be able to benefit from gifted instruction from gifted trained teachers daily. Las Brisas is also be home to the district’s new Renaissance Highly Gifted and Global Studies Program. This self-contained program is for qualifying students in grades third through sixth, and offers an immersive project and problem-based environment focusing on global cultures and languages. The gifted academy also hosts our Bright Beginnings Programs servicing gifted identified students in grades preschool - second grade, allowing them a solid and enriching beginning for their learning journey. Our school also has programs and services for math acceleration, STEAM enrichment and gifted homeroom placement outside of these programs. 

    Las Brisas Gifted Academy is the only school in the Deer Valley Unified School District that provides the full continuum of services for gifted and talented students. We are proud to house Bright Beginnings and Renaissance programs for our students.  A range of services exist for all students including math acceleration, pull out enrichment, and gifted homeroom placement.  All students enrolled at Las Brisas are instructed by teachers trained in gifted education, and have access to STEAM, PE, music,and art through their special areas rotation.    

    Learn more about the three specific programs offered at the Gifted Academy at Las Brisas below.

    Renaissance Program
    Our highly gifted self-contained academy has opened its third location at Las Brisas Gifted Academy in Fall of 2022. The specialty focus of this academy will be Global Studies. Students will regularly engage in problem-based and project-based learning in an advanced and enriching curriculum that includes a focus on learning about cultures from around the world. Part of the language component of the academy will include classes with world language teachers and language technology that allows students to explore languages of their choice.  All students in Renaissance participate in STEAM learning, in addition to physical education, music, art, and band.

    Bright Beginnings
    Las Brisas Academy’s Bright Beginnings program provides hands-on learning opportunities for our early childhood learners. Qualifying students in grades preschool through grade 2, are placed in a classroom with other children of similar abilities and with a gifted endorsed teacher. Students will participate in unique STEAM classes as well as experience different world languages all in a smaller than average class size.

    At the end of 2nd grade, students will be re-assessed to see what gifted programming they qualify for in third grade and above.

    During their time in Bright Beginnings, students are immersed in a literacy-rich classroom, engage in inquiry-based learning, and are exposed to world languages. 

    Global Studies - Languages
    Students enrolled in the Bright Beginnings and Renaissance programs at Las Brisas Gifted Academy have multiple opportunities to experience global languages and cultures. This is done through integration in the classrooms in our problem and project-based learning units and through world languages and cultures classes offered multiple times each week. Each year the school will be staffed with world language teachers to offer our students direct instruction in one or more languages. These languages will/may change based on staffing and program needs. The goal is to have our students learn about and appreciate other cultures as well as learn some language skills in the elementary grades that will prepare them for high school language classes.