Welcome To First Grade






    Inspiration Mountain Knights Creed

    Please see our Inspiration Mountain Knights’ CReeD.  We are constantly striving to conduct ourselves according to this creed in order to show a caring, responsible, and determined character. 


    Knight's CReeD





    Our Quarter 1 special area schedule is from 8:00 to 8:45 a.m.

    Our specials rotate on a weekly basis.  This is the Q1 rotation:

    Week of July 31st - On Monday the students will meet with ALL Special area teachers.  

                                     Tuesday - Art
                                      Wednesday - Music

                                      Thursday - PE

                                       Friday - Fun Friday (dress for PE)
    Week of 8-7 - Art

    Week of 8-14 - Music

    Week of 8-21 - PE

    Week of 8-28 - Art


    Remember to dress for PE on Fridays:)



    Minion of the Week

    Each week I will choose a student to be our Minion of the Week.  They will bring in a bag with a poster, mystery bag, and a letter explaining what to do.  The materials will go home on Friday and then hopefully be returned on Monday.  This is a fun way for us to get to know everyone a little better.  Every child will be Minion of the Week at some point.




     Birthdays are extremely special days for all of us and we would love to celebrate!  Since we are a new building, it is really important that we do not have food in the classrooms.  It is also really difficult with all the food allergies to find a treat that is safe for everyone.  That being said we would love to have trinkets instead of treats if you wish to send something in to celebrate.  If you want to send in an edible item please reference the First Grade Handbook for approved treats.    

    Please do not have your child hand out party invitations in class (unless the whole class is invited).   In the beginning of the year paper work there is a page to sign up if you want your information shared in a class directory.  This would be a way you could reach out to parents.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.



    Your child has lunch from .11:15 to 11:35.   You are welcome to join them for lunch at any time.




    I hope you will consider joining the PTSO. They are wonderful and make our school SO much better!  Hopefully, we can get 100% participation in our class!