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    MRHS Student Parking Information

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    Please read and familiarize yourself with the following parking information and regulations.  Parking privileges may be revoked or suspended upon first or subsequent vehicle violations.

    • The parking fee is $100.00 per space before the end of the 1st semester. After the start of 2nd semester, the parking fee is $50.00.
    • Parking fees are not refundable.  If a permit is revoked for any reason or surrendered the parking fee will not be refunded.
    • Parking spaces on campus are limited.  Parking permits will be available first to Seniors park sharing with other Seniors; placement in the lot is determined by the order received.  Spaces will then be offered to Seniors driving alone, also by the order received. 
    • A valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and parent/guardian approval must be provided for all cars that will park on campus; the required fee must be paid before a parking decal will be issued. If you have not paid by the end of the first day of school, your parking reservation may be released and you may need to re-apply to be added to the waiting list.
    • Students will be assigned a numbered parking space that corresponds to their parking permit number.  For students who choose to use Park Share, both students will be given a decal with the same number for their cars.  The students are responsible for arranging the schedule of which driver parks when; both students cannot drive their own cars on the same day and expect to park on campus. “Parking Share” is defined as two (2) students sharing one (1) parking spot with alternating hours. Ex. Student A attends classes periods 1-3 and Student B attends classes periods 4-6, each student will pay $50 for a shared parking spot and student will agree to park in their designated shared spot during their designated school hours.
    •  A student who withdraws from school or a student who is long term suspended will not be eligible for a refund.
    • Students who forfeit their parking privileges due to failure to follow the rules will not receive a refund.
    • If a car is sold, the primary vehicle changed, or a window replaced, a new sticker will be issued.  DO NOT remove a sticker from one car and place it on another car.  Parking stickers must be placed in the correct location.
    • Students must follow proper sign-out procedure when leaving early: A parent or guardian must sign you out at the front desk. If emancipated, a doctor/dentist, etc. note must be presented to return to campus.
    • When an alternate vehicle is driven to school, student must visit the Conduct office and log the information on the “Parking Change” form.
    • Students must park in the lot at least 15 days a month to retain their parking privileges.
    • West-MEC Junior parking is only for programs with hours during the normal school day. (7:30 AM- 2:12 PM) If a Junior in a West-MEC program, drops from the program, he/she will lose his/her parking spot and be refunded the parking fee if within the first 30 days of school.  If a student withdraws after 30 days the parking fee will not be refunded.
    • Parking is for Seniors ONLY. Younger siblings are not permitted to drive or park using a Senior parking permit.


    Demonstrating citizenship through Respecting the Ridge, and being in attendance at school, are key factors in gaining privileges on campus.  Starting in August of 2025, discipline and attendance will be considered for a student to obtain and maintain a senior parking permit.  Students who have accumulated a total of 5 or more referrals or 6 or more days of suspension, over the course of their time at Mountain Ridge, may be ineligible for parking their senior year.  At the end of a student’s junior year, student discipline records will be reviewed for parking eligibility for the following year.  Senior students who receive referrals their senior year may have their parking privileges revoked.

    Attendance records will also be reviewed at the end of a student’s junior year.  Juniors with a total of 12 or more sweeps may be ineligible for parking.  Students who have been determined by the Loss of Credit committee to lose credit either first and/or second semester may be ineligible for parking their senior year.  Seniors who accumulate 12 or more sweeps, or who have lost credit their first semester, may have their parking privileges revoked. 

    Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right.  Students may be suspended/fined, or their permits may be revoked for any of, but not limited to, the following reasons and a refund will NOT be issued:

    • If any information on the application is found to not be true or accurate
    • Parking an alternate vehicle in the lot without a temporary parking permit.
    • Backing into a parking space or parking in two parking spaces.
    • Failure to affix parking sticker in the proper location, or not having a sticker properly displayed.
    •  Failure to respond to a parking citation within 24 hours.
    • Excessive speed, squealing tires, passing other vehicles waiting to enter or leave the lot, driving over curbs, down the bus lane or the service road, or any other unsafe driving practice.
    • Leaving campus in a car or with other students in a car without proper authorization to leave.
    • Failure to show proper identification and/or a written pass when leaving the lot.       
    • Parking anywhere other than in assigned parking spaces.
    • Failure to comply with the request of a campus monitor.
    • Transporting any student off campus in your vehicle without proper ID or authorization to do so.
    •  Receiving three or more tickets during the school year.



    The violation process is as follows:

    • 1st Ticket -  Warning
    • 2nd Ticket -  $5.00 fine/referral
    • 3rd Ticket -  $10.00 fine/referral /loss of parking privileges for 1 – 2 weeks
    • 4th Ticket -  Loss of parking privileges

    Please note that administration will exercise discretion when determining consequences, and may assign a more or less severe consequence than those outlined above. Including loss of parking permit due to Major Discipline Referrals resulting in on or off campus suspension.

    • Giving or selling a parking permit to another student will result in the revocation of both students’ parking privileges, including family members.  No temporary “loaning” of space is permitted!  Your parking space is assigned to YOU.
    •  NO loitering in the parking lots, in or out of vehicles.
    • Searches of vehicles will take place whenever a school official has reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons or unauthorized persons are contained within that vehicle.  This includes reasonable suspicion resulting from drug dogs on campus, which take place up to two times a year.  
    •  Between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., students must park in the student lot.  The Administrative/Visitor and Patrick Lane lots are off limits. Parking in these lots will result in a suspension of parking privileges and/or other disciplinary action.
    • All accidents in the parking lots must be reported immediately to the student conduct office or a campus monitor.
    •  Student drivers must maintain appropriate citizenship and courtesy.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary measures.  Additionally, instances of reckless driving or excessive noise (e.g. stereo, squealing tires, etc.) may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges.
    • Any vehicle to be parked in the student lot must be driven by the student(s) assigned to that space.  A student may not drive another student’s vehicle.
    • Students who park in the lot may not go to their vehicle or be in the lot during school hours, which includes lunch. If a student must retrieve an item necessary for a class, they must ask to be accompanied by a monitor. Please be aware that monitors may not be available at the time they are requested.
    • The school assumes no responsibility for damages or loss/theft of student property.  Students park “at your own risk”.


    SPECIAL NOTE:  Mountain Ridge High School remains a closed campus throughout the school day.  If students have an unscheduled hour, free hour, or excused hour in which they do not have a class, but which is followed by a class, the student must remain on campus unless signed out by parent or guardian.  Repeat offenders will have their parking privileges revoked.  Completing an Emancipation form does not allow repeated exiting from, and returning to, campus in the same day.


    For a PDF version of these rules and regulations, click here