• Dropping Off Items To Students

    To minimize classroom disruptions, the following are the only things that will be allowed to be dropped off for a student during the school day:

    • iPad - this is the main way students access the curriculum
    • Lunch - only on an emergency basis

    If a parent needs to drop off one of the above mentioned items, a pass will be sent to the student telling them to come pick up the item from the office at the appropriate time - the items will not be delivered to the student. The only exception to this is if a parent needs to bring medication and that must be taken directly to the nurse as no student is allowed to be in possession of any prescribed and/or over the counter medication.

    Outside of those approved listed items, nothing else will be allowed to be dropped off. Some examples of some things that will NOT be allowed (not an exhaustive list):

    • Personal items such as phone, earpods, money
    • Class projects/homework/supplies
    • Backpacks
    • Any celebratory items such as balloons and flowers
    • Food delivery service such as Door-Dash