Las Brisas
Soylular Sloths
  • Our Quarter 1 special area schedule is from 9:00-9:45 a.m.

    Monday – STEM

    Tuesday – PE

    Wed. – Music

    Thursday – Art

    Friday - STEM


    Star of the Week

    Las Brisas Elementary implements a “Star of the Week” program that encourages students to practice their “star qualities” every day. The students will receive star tickets throughout the school week from teachers and staff when they are specifically recognized for being a star! Every Friday a new “Star of the Week” for each grade level and classroom will be announced to celebrate each amazing star that we have on our campus!

    S- shows responsibility

    T- trustworthiness

    A- accountability

    R- respect

    S- safety


    Please let me know in advance if you are sending in a special treat to celebrate a birthday. We will usually share this treat around 1:45 in the afternoon. All treats need to be store bought and peanut free. Please do not have your child hand out party invitations in class (unless the whole class is invited). 



    Your child has lunch from 11:20-11:45. You are welcome to join them for lunch at any time.



    Your child can bring a healthy snack daily to have at afternoon recess.


    I hope you will consider joining the PTSA. They are wonderful and make our school SO much better!  Hopefully, we can get 100% participation in our class!