• Welcome to 7th & 8th grade science! My name is Ms. Burnam and I am the new science teacher at Norterra Canyon School! I am so excited about being your student's teacher for the 2023-2024 school year! My hope is to encourage curiosity and questioning about the natural world in science class. We will identify phenomena and build our knowledge of why we see these things occurring. As there can always be more than one answer in science, students will be challenged this year to keep a positive mindset as they learn. 

    Norterra Canyon's Mission: 
    The Pirate Way
    Every Student, Every Day 
    Growth and 
    HIgh Levels of Learning for ALL 
  • Class Schedule: 

    Period        Time                  Class 

    1st           8:15 - 9:15         Block 1 (8th grade) 

    2nd          9:18 - 10:15       Block 2 (8th grade)  

    3rd          10:18 - 11:15      Block 3 (7th grade)

    4th          11:18 - 12:00      Specials  

    5th          12:03 - 12:30      RTI  

    6th          12:30 - 1:00       Lunch/Recess   

    7th          1:03 - 2:00         Block 4 (8th grade) 

    8th          2:03 - 3:00         Block 5 (7th grade) 

    9th          3:00                   Dismissal

  • Science Supplies: 


    1. Pencils 
    2. Spiral Notebook    
    3. Erasers 
    4. Pocket Folder
    5. Red Pens 
    6. Highlighter 

    Good to Have:

    I will have community supplies, but I have had many students who desire to have their own supplies in class.

    1. Scissors 
    2. Glue Sticks 
    3. Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Markers


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