• Español 1-2  Course Syllabus

    Textbook:  ¡Qué Chévere!                                       Online text: CANVAS

    Course Description:

    This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture. Students learn vocabulary and basic language structures through conversation and written expression. This course is aligned with the Arizona  State Standards and National Standards.

    Course Goals & Objectives:

    In this course students will:

    • Ask simple questions for information and clarification of meaning
    • Have conversations with other students in Spanish
    • Read short selections on general topics for understanding and answer questions
    • Write sentences or compositions using several verb tenses
    • Identify Spanish speaking countries and capitals
    • Compare and contrast cultures which are being studied with U.S. culture
    • Students will participate in the 5 C’s of the National Spanish Standards - Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities

    Español 3-4  Course Syllabus

    Textbook:  ¡Qué Chévere 2!                                                 Online text: CANVAS

     Course Description/Objectives

    Spanish 3-4 is a full year course. This course builds on the Spanish 1-2 curriculum. In Spanish 3-4, students continue to acquire listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture skills. The study of Spanish will help students understand and appreciate their own language and culture as well as the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking people. For students planning to continue their education beyond high school, two years of the same foreign language are required for entrance to Arizona universities. As an added advantage, studies show that learning a foreign language increases scores on college entrance tests. Speaking Spanish will also help students in the workplace. Students who show proficiency in Spanish can continue into 3rd year and 4th year Spanish by either taking Spanish 101/102, 201/202 through Rio Salado Community College (offered at Deer Valley High School) or continuing into Spanish 5-6, which then will lead to 4th year Spanish 7-8 AP.

     Course Expectations

    The student will:

    • Ask and answer questions for information or clarification
    • Have conversations with other students and relay information to a third party
    • Listen to longer passages and respond to comprehension checks
    • Give a show speech
    • Use pronunciation which is less impeded by English interference and more comprehensible to native speakers
    • Read materials from authentic sources
    • Write paragraphs and compositions using several verb tenses
    • Identify geographical features in countries where Spanish is spoken and relate geography to historical and cultural development
    • Compare and contrast cultures which are being studied with U.S. culture
    • Note influences of Spanish speaking culture on U.S. culture and language