• Students will come to Reading group with a good attitude and ready to learn. Students will not be afraid to ask questions and share ideas. My classroom is a safe space to make mistakes. I believe that mistakes help us grow and learn. I look forward to getting to know my students as individuals and helping my students reach their full potential.


      Here are the Zoom expectations in order for your child and others to learn and grow this year.

      • Remember to Find a Quiet Place to Learn Without Distractions and a Place to Keep All of Your Learning Materials (away from others who are talking, the tv, etc. remember, we can hear the background noise even if you choose to wear headphones)
      • Be On Time and Ready for School and Ready to Learn
        • Be dressed (follow school dress code)
        • Only eat during designated breaks
        • Please use the restroom before or after our reading group time. We only have a short amount of time together and we need to make the most of that time.
        • Be sitting at a table or desk ready to learn with learning materials available
        • Stay in one spot
        • Limit distractions (no toys, blankets, stuffed animals, pets, tv, music, other devices, etc.)
        • Join meeting with your real name
        • Keep video on so we can see your face on the screen (be aware of privacy of items and people in background that may be on screen)
          • family members may not be in the screen or join our Zoom lesson conversations
          • family members should email me to set up a seperate time to meet to discuss questions/concerns
        • Keep Sound Muted (unmute when it’s your turn to talk)
        • Chat Box Chat is with the Teacher
        • Politely Wait Your Turn to Ask/Answer Questions
      • Listen, Learn, Engage, and Try Your Best!
Last Modified on July 31, 2022