• In this class we have a GROWTH MINDSET, which means we believe that we can ALWAYS become better at
    math by practicing and utilizing feedback. You will develop your mathematical skills by using them! Make sure you are
    engaging in the lessons, participating in class, doing the math in class with your teacher and colleagues, as well as the
    homework problems. Doing this work is how you will keep improving your mathematical skills and problem solving
    abilities! Make sure you ask questions all the time! 

    Mr. Burden's Schedule

    1st hour-Probability And Statistics (Team Taught w/Baubles Rm 321)
    2nd hour-Probability and Statistics (Room 423)
    3rd hour-ELA 1-2 (Team Taught w/Long Room 117)
    4th hour-Prep 
    5th hour-Lunch
    6th hour-Probability and Statistics (Team Taught w/Heinrichs Room 317)
    7th hour-Probability and Statistics (Room 423)

    Feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or concerns: