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  • Deer Valley Unified School District routinely reviews curriculum and resources for upcoming school years. This process is open to the public through committee recruitment, and public review of committee recommendations and selection of materials. For more information on any of the current calls for committees or material reviews, simply click on the flyer for the associated program.

    Public Review information

    DVUSD is in the process of adopting a new mathematics resource to support content and instructional practice for grades K-5. The goal of the Public Review is to gather feedback from all DVUSD stakeholders about the resource finalists up for adoption consideration. 

    The K-5 Math Adoption Committee narrowed the pool of resources to Eureka Math2 and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics. Videos highlighting the print and digital content, access to demo accounts, pros/cons for each resource, and the K-5 Math Adoption Feedback Form are linked HERE.

    ELA Public Review Dates