• Throughout the summer, we will explore a variety of topics such as analyzing the impact of historical events on our society, and critically evaluate the democratic processes that drive our nation forward. 

    I hope that by the end of this program, you will not only have gained a deep understanding of these subjects but also develop a sense of civic responsibility and an appreciation for the power of knowledge. My goal is to equip you with the tools necessary to navigate an increasingly complex world, empowering you to actively participate in shaping the future of our society.


    Course Description: This course aims to develop an appreciation of the social, cultural, political, and economic heritage of the world and our nation. Included is an examination of America's emergence as a pluralistic and multi-dimensional society, a democratic system, and a world power. Emphasis will be placed upon the modern era and appropriate comparisons to earlier historical periods of early civilization. Geographic, economic, and governmental issues will also be applied where applicable. This course covers Arizona State Standards in US History and is required for graduation. 

    Course Objectives: By the time the student completes this course of study, the student will know or be able to:

    • Apply chronological and spatial thinking to understand the meaning, implications, andimportance of historical events.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of research sources and apply appropriate research methods;including point-of-view contained within primary and secondary sources.
    • Develop historical interpretations in terms of the complexity of cause and effect in the contextin which ideas and past events unfold.
    • Use geographic knowledge, skill, and perspectives to explain the past, present, and futureissues.
    • Develop interpersonal and communication skills for success in the real world

    Course Lessons & Materials: Canvas continues as the main delivery of materials, with additional in-class discussion. Assignments will be posted daily on Canvas - students may only work on that day's assignments and will not have homework - given that they are managing their time in our daily class period, Monday - Thursday. Refer to the Course Calendar below for topics, assignments, and due dates.