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    DVUSD brought more than 4,200 employees together to Grand Canyon University's basketball arena for the 2023 Rally on July 27th. The Rally was the first since 2019, and with the theme of "Building Brilliance", prepared the teachers, administration, and staff for the upcoming school year. The Rally featured speeches from superintendent Dr. Curtis Finch and The Game-Winning 3 author Dave Davlin, as well as musical performances by the DVUSD alumni band, O'Connor High School senior John Simcoe, and Arizona Diamondbacks' organist (and proud DVUSD parent) Bobby Freeman.

    The pictures here are just a small part of the fun and festivities, and we thank all of the staff and departments responsible for the planning and execution of the Rally for their assistance. We also thank our DVUSD employees for attending the Rally, and we wish the best of luck and success to everyone in the district this upcoming 2023-24 school year!