The Counselor's Corner

  • What is a School Counselor?

    As a school counselor, my job is to advocate for the success of ALL students. I work as a team with students, teachers, administration, parents, and the community to support each and every child's academic, social/emotional, and career development needs. 


    What Does a School Counselor Do?

    Direct Services: 

    • Classroom Lessons: Lessons occur once a month and are designed to teach students social emotional skills, based on their needs.  
    • Small Group Counseling: Small groups target specific students based on their specific needs. Small groups typically occur in 30 minute sessions, once a week for 6-8 weeks. Some common small groups include building positive relationships, growth mindset, dealing with anger, etc. 
    • Short-Term Individual Counseling: School counselors promote mental health, social/emotional wellness, and development on a short-term, goal-oriented basis. School counselors are not licensed therapists or medical professionals. We do not diagnose or treat students long-term, however, if indicated, a referral may be made to an appropriate community resource.  

    Indirect Services: 

    • This includes program planning, reviewing data, coordinating, and collaborating on behalf of your students with the intention of providing them with the best program and appropriate opportunities to succeed.   



    Building a positive relationship with students requires trust and confidence. In order to protect this trust, confidentiality is practiced under an ethical and legal obligation. However, exceptions to confidentiality exist if there is foreseeable harm to the student, themself, or others. There are also exceptions to confidentiality based on the The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and if the student gives their permission to share the information with another trusted adult. 


    More Information

    For more information about the profession, please see ASCA's National Model, which provides a framework for school counseling programs.

      American School Counselor Association (ASCA) 


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