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    Bienvenidos a todos

    (Welcome everyone)

    To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. – Chinese Proverb


    Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things. ‒ Flora Lewis


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  • Recommended Supplies: 

    • 1 ”  D-ring Binder with 5 POCKET dividers   
    • (a D ring is slanted & it holds much more!)
    • Yellow Highlighter and White Board Markers
    • 1 each: Green, orange, red, blue pen
    • headphones/earbuds with a cord
    • pencils and eraser
    • Charged computer

    All assignments are posted in Canvas.

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. 

    Homework provides additional practice and language acquisition.

    Homework should last less than 15 minutes, often completed in 10 minutes.

    If you are confused, please send a message through Canvas and let the teacher know what you DO understand in the assignment and WHERE you become confused.  If the choice is between completing HW or going to bed, GO TO BED and REST!! 

  • Contact Info: 

    Ms. Lynn Sullivan

    The preferred method is email:

    lynn.sullivan@dvusd.org for parents or emergencies - 

    Students please use Canvas to email the teacher


    (623) 376-4239



    Daily Schedule:  (for 2023-2024)

    (schedule for 2024-2025 not yet received)

    Period 1: Spanish 3-4 

    Period 2: Spanish 1-2 

    Period 4: Spanish 1-2 

    Period 5: Spanish 3-4 

    Period 6: Spanish 1-2