• Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics and Science

    Teacher: Greig Bevans, MAT              Room: I-103


    All Scholars:

    You are required to have all of your assignments in your 3-ring binder under the Assignments Tab.

    You should not have any other paperwork, lesson sheets, or miscellaneous papers under this tab.

    The assignment pages can be found on this website by clicking on the "Assignments - Math" link on the left side of the screen. The assignments are to be in reverse order (the oldest on the bottom and the newest on the top.

    Make sure the pages for each individual assignment are in the proper order.

    We have gone over this every day this week and many of you still have zero's for your grade because you have not followed the directions or asked questions. Several of you still have not even tried to get this done.

    Your grades will change once you have done this correctly and submitted your binder to me for grading. I am not sure how to make the requirements any more clear.

    Dear parents and guardians,

    I have started checking your scholars' math assignments that are in the Math Binder. I am seeing a lot of things left blank and not being asked for help on them. Can you please speak with your scholars and let them know it is required to get the work done, stay on top of the work, and ask me for help if there are any questions. Thank you.



    Please check on my school website for assignments, and pull out those assignment pages and put them under the Assignment Tab. They should be in reverse order (oldest on the bottom and newest on the top.)

    Dear Desert Mountain families, as our new school year begins we want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all of our learners. With this in mind, fall testing for placement in our Gifted Program will be happening soon! If you feel your student should be assessed for gifted please visit our Gifted Education website for information about gifted. You may also register your student for testing on this site or by using the direct link, Fall Registration. The window to register your student closes on Wednesday, August 9th. Testing will occur at Desert Mountain Monday, August 21 through Thursday, September 14th. More information about specific days and times will come from Mrs. Ellis, our Gifted Specialist, once the registration window closes and names are finalized.


    Welcome to 6th grade. I am Fired-Up to meet you!

    1. Schedule a Check-In Date:

    The first few weeks of school can be hectic, not only for the scholar, but for the teacher and the parents as well! I would like to schedule a time with you regarding how your scholar is getting familiar with their classes and new teachers. Please contact me via email (greig.bevans@dvusd.org) Please send me three different dates that are good for you to meet. I will do my best to accommodate your time. I will reply to you with the scheduled date.

    2. Complete the Return to School Form:

    This process takes just a few minutes to complete online, and should be completed as soon as possible.If you need assistance with this, please reach out to the office at 623-445-3500.

    • Changes in address, phone number
    • Updating of changing emergency contacts
    • Health information
    • Acknowledgment of Internet agreement and Student handbook
    • Ability to upload needed documents
    • Proof of residence to support and address change
    • Legal documents (custody agreement changes, guardianship, etc)
    • Immunization records (not required but can be uploaded if there have been additions to the students' immunization history)

    3. Help Set Your Scholar Up for Success:

    Discuss the Importance of Goal Setting: Start by having a conversation with your child about why setting academic goals is essential. Explain how having a clear objective can improve their focus, boost their confidence, and lead to better academic performance.

    Break Goals Down into Smaller Steps: Assist your child in breaking their yearly goal into smaller, manageable steps. This will make the goal less overwhelming and provide a clear roadmap to follow throughout the year. Each step accomplished will give your child a sense of progress.

    Celebrate Achievements: Celebrate each milestone and accomplishment your child achieves throughout the year. Positive reinforcement will motivate them to keep working toward their goal.

    4. Important Dates to Remember:

    • July 27th: Twilight Tours: Meet the Teacher Night 5:30-6:30 pm.
    • July 31st: First Day of School! Flagpole Assembly @ 8:15 am outside the GYM.
    • July 31st: "Tears and Cheers" Kindergarten parent breakfast in Media Center.
    • Aug 4th: Friday Early Release @ 1:30 pm.


    Mr. Greig Bevans, MAT

    6th Grade Teacher

    Desert Moutain

    623.445.3570 (Voice Mail Only)


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