7th Grade Social Studies

Teacher Contact Information

  • e-mail: jennifer.preston@dvusd.org  (Best way to communicate)             

    Phone: (623) 445-3324  

    Room 611                        

  • Course Description

    Our focus in 7th Grade is Integrated Global Studies (1543 – 1991). Students will study the Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment – the Cold War. In addition, types of governments and the basics of economics will be explored. All content is based on the Arizona State Social Studies Standards and the Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards: Literacy in History/Social Studies. Please review the AZ Department of Education state standards through the link below:

    Middle School Social Studies StandardsLinks to an external site. or visit azed.gov


    Unit Topics

    Quarter 1 

    • Scientific Revolution 
    • Enlightenment Period 
    • Global revolutions

    Quarter 2

    • Industrial Revolution
    • Imperialism
    • U.S. Becomes a World Power

    Quarter 3 

    • WWI   
    • Interwar Period 
    • WWII   

    Quarter 4

    • Cold War
    • Types of Government Systems
    • Economics


  • Required materials

    Spiral or composition notebook

    2 Pocket folder or fold in a spiral noteook




    Highlighters (3 colors)

    Index cards

    Disinfectant wipes

    Facial tissues