• Welcome to Earth and Space Science

    This course focuses on the interactions and processes between the different Earth Spheres and the transfer of energy and matter between them.  This course also addresses Earth’s place and motion with the solar system, the objects within the solar system, galaxy, and universe.

    The first semester focuses on the theories of the beginning of the universe, the formation of stars, galaxies, planets, and the motion of objects within the universe.  From there, we follow the energy from the sun into our atmosphere and learn the cause and effects of the motion of energy through the troposphere in the form of weather and climate.

    The second semester looks at various processes of geologic motion and how energy and matter transfers around and within the Earth.



    Welcome to Biology

    Welcome to Biology!!~ This semester we are exploring and discovering many different topics related to life. Our first major unit covered will be Africa where you and your peers will be looking at how organisms interact in the ecosystem.