• Dear Blackhawk Community,


    It is with great excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the Assistant Principal of Desert Mountain School. I am proud to have the opportunity to help lead a school with such assiduous students, a dedicated staff, and an outwardly supportive school community. I am committed to working in partnership with the students, staff, and families of the DMS community. I will work hard to foster positive relationships with every individual who is a part of our school community. 


    I have been in the field of education for 15 years and have a wide range of experience and expertise. I began my career as a 5th grade classroom teacher, loving the spunk and innovative thinking the students brought with them everyday. I continued pursuing my career path and became middle grades mathematics certified as I spent time teaching 7th and 8th grade students in the rigorous Cambridge Academy program, supporting 8th grade students enrolled in 9th grade algebra, as well as working with junior high students in on-grade level courses. Due to my deep understanding of math pedagogy, I was then asked to service students in kindergarten through 8th grade as a Math Interventionist. This was very impactful for me as it provided me experience in working with students of all developmental stages, ages, and ability levels on a campus. My knowledge in working with students of all ability levels, coupled with my experience serving in both Title I and non-Title schools, led me to collaborating with and providing coaching to school staff and administration on student achievement and growth as a School Data Improvement Specialist. 


    My approach to education is heavily rooted in collaboration. I value the discourse and perspectives that are brought to the table when working alongside all school stakeholders. Furthermore, I honor the experiences of each individual student and believe every single student has the ability to achieve personal excellence. Most importantly, I place the students’ best interests at the heart of all of my decisions and actions at DMS.


    I truly look forward to sharing my experience as I help lead the Desert Mountain School community and to continue to learn more about the ways I can positively impact our school program. I encourage you to call me, send an email, or schedule time for us to visit face-to-face so that we may partner together to plan for and celebrate the successes of our students and campus. 






    Jessica Brunk


    Assistant Principal




    (623) 445-3502


    DMS Blackhawks