• Hello,

    I am Mr. Jesse Taylor and I will be your student’s instructor on the Boulder Creek High School campus this coming Pathways session for Biology 1/2.  This is a freshman level biology course and will cover a multitude of subjects from ecology, evolution, I am looking forward to meeting students on Tuesday, May 28th.  

    DVUSD Pathways Summer Session (T5) is an "in-person" learning experience. Students are expected to arrive on time with a fully charged district issued device (iPad or Chrome book).  Please bring a charger or portable charger to ensure access to your course work.

    In this 4 week session, students are encouraged to ask questions, participate in discussions, and complete assignments daily prior to the end of our class.  We meet Monday - Friday from 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm at Boulder Creek High School in room 312.

    Refer to the Biology 1/2 Course Calendar posted on my website or on the student Canvas page for topics, assignments, and due dates.  Students will not have homework – there is ample time during class to complete each assignment; however, If a student does not use his/her time wisely then, he/she may need to complete an assignment after class.