• English 3-4 

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    Session 1: Focus on Literature, Writing, and Basic Language Skills

    1. Reading Standards for Literature:

      • Analyze literature across genres and complexities.

      • Focus on plot, theme, characters, setting, and literary devices.

    2. Writing Standards (Text Types and Purposes):

      • Argumentative, informative, and narrative writing techniques.

      • Emphasis on crafting quality texts for various purposes.

    3. Language Standards (Conventions and Vocabulary):

      • Mastery of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

      • Vocabulary acquisition and usage.


    Session 2: Focus on Informational Texts, Research, and Advanced Language Skills

    1. Reading Standards for Informational Text:

      • Analyze informational texts for structure, argumentation, and rhetoric.

      • Understanding author’s purpose and integration of knowledge.

    2. Writing Standards (Research and Presentation):

      • Research projects, synthesis of information, and proper citation.

      • Production and distribution of writing, incorporating technology.

    3. Language Standards (Advanced Knowledge and Vocabulary):

      • Application of language knowledge in varied contexts.

      • Understanding and using figurative language and nuances in word meanings.