• Hello Viper Community,

    We are excited for another extraordinary year at Sierra Verde STEAM Academy.  It has been a fantastic school kickoff and each day I come to campus I learn a little bit more about what makes this community so special. Sierra Verde has cultivated an amazing group of dedicated and talented educators, committed volunteers, hundreds of kind and bright students, and such an energized and supportive group of parents and community partners. This year we remain committed to continuing to provide an extraordinary educational experience as we enter our first year as an AdvancEd nationally accredited STEM school and enter another four year cycle as an A+ School of Excellence in Arizona.

    Due to a combination of teacher-initiated grants, generous support and energy of our fantastic PTSO, and budgeting of district funding, we are continuing to add hardware, software, and other cutting edge educational resources that continue to allow our teachers to innovate in the classroom and set high expectations for all learners.  We will continue to offer STEAM integrated lessons and stand alone STEAM projects to our students across all age groups.  Our staff is continually seeking out research-based lessons, activities, and programming that challenge students to think critically and devise solutions to real world problems while working cooperatively.  At the backbone of our STEAM lessons students will use the Engineering Design Process which forces students to work systematically through difficult problems and tasks, emphasizes working in cooperative groups, and necessitates developing grit and perseverance.  

    As we progress through this year it is my pledge to all Sierra Verde families that I will provide you weekly informational updates via telephone calls and email messages each Friday.  I hope that this will serve to keep you connected to our purpose without overburdening you with irregular updates and too much information.  I do ask that if you ever seek clarification on policy, have questions regarding “the why” behind decisions, or just would like to get further information, please give me a call or send me an email and I will be happy to connect with you personally.  Thanks for making the time to be an active participant in our Sierra Verde learning community.

    Kind Regards,

    Tony Galietti


    Sierra Verde STEAM Academy