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Sierra verde ATHLETICS General Information 

Athletic Coordinator: Sara Cullen

In order to participate in an after school athletic program, all students must be cleared to participate through the athletic office.  The first step is to complete an athletic clearance packet.  All students must be cleared prior to try-outs (for cut sports) or the first day of practice (for non-cut sports).  No athletic clearance packets will be accepted if they are not completely filled out and all forms are attached.
Summer letter regarding athletics
Still waiting for updated 2017-2018 handbook.  As soon as it is available, I will replace the 2016-2017 with the current year's.
Thank you for your patience. 
2017-2018 Athletic packet: You need a new physical and whole completed packet each year (except for concussion form).  One athletic packet covers the whole year/every sport!


In accordance with the State of Arizona’s regulations and Deer Valley’s Governing Board Policy, only those students deemed academically eligible may participate in extra or co-curricular activities in which competition is an integral part of the organization. Students must be passing all subjects to be eligible. Study sessions will be available for students needing assistance.

Students are encouraged to work out with their team(s) and not quit the sport even if they have a failing grade. They will be allowed to fully participate in competitions only when they can show passing grades on mid‑reports, progress reports, or report cards. Each of these grading periods determines the student's eligibility until the next grading period approximately 2 1/2 weeks later.

The teacher and the coach may limit participation in a sport due to disruptive behavior and attitude.

If a student receives a detention, in‑school suspension, or out‑of‑school suspension, the student may not participate in or attend any extracurricular activities including practices, games, competitions, dances, etc. Parents may not change scheduled detentions due to conflicts with extra-curricular activities.

Note: An absence of more than 1/2 of the school day will make students ineligible to participate in sports or other activities that day only. Students who go home ill may not return to school to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Concussion Course

AIA Concussion Online Course: In compliance with ARS §15-341 (24) (SB 1521) all student athletes shall complete the Brainbook online concussion education course. This course is to be taken one time by a student athlete. 

This course was originally set up for high school athletes, but the Deer Valley Unified School District has asked all middle school students to take the course as well.  (when the student takes the course they will need to register as a 9th grader.  You should also choose the high school that is nearest to you).

Once this course is completed, the student will not need to take the course again in high school. I keep all certificates on file for 3 years.  If you need a copy, please email me and I will be able to make a copy for you.  I am only able to access these paper certificates during the school year.

Students may access the course at

Admission Fees

Adults                                                $3
DVUSD Students (with school I.D.)   Free
Athletic Pass (10 Punches)               $20

Sport Try-Outs Begin Playoffs 
Boys & Girls Volleyball

Boys & Girls Basketball

Spirit Line 

Participation fees:
2016-2017 Approved Athletic Fees 
7th/8th grade athlete     $60 per sport ($120 maximum per athlete)
2016-2017 Sections
 North South
 Anthem Deer Valley
 Diamond Canyon   Highland Lakes
 Gavilan Peak Paseo Hills
 Canyon Springs Stetson Hills
 Sunset Ridge Terramar
 Desert Mountain West Wing
 Sonoran Trails 
 Sierra Verde
 Sonoran Foothills Hillcrest
 Norterra Canyon Desert Sky