What Is the Continuous Improvement Team?

  • The Park Meadows Continuous Improvement Team (CIT) is a recommending body comprised of parents, students, staff and community members who create and ensure the implementation and communication of our CIT school-wide plan.

    General meetings are held on the half day of every month at 9:00 p.m. A master CIT notebook is kept in the front office for the public to review at any time. The notebook will contain all minutes as well as the current list of CIT members. CIT information may also be communicated in our monthly parent newsletters. All members of our school community cooperate together to achieve common data-driven goals. We will continue to work on improving student achievement in all curricular areas.

    Parents and community members play an important role in shaping the education of the community’s children. If you would like to learn more about our CIT team or become a member please contact Joan Wick at 623-445-4100.

CIT MEMBERS 2015/2016

  • Name Representing
    Joan Wick Principal
    Jessica Farkash 6th Grade Teacher
    Ronie May 5th Grade Teacher
    Shelly Coco4th Grade Teacher
    Christine Brody 3rd Grade Teacher
    Lisa Hainline2nd Grade Teacher
    Dena Mills1st Grade Teacher
    Jen BeckerKindergarten Teacher
    Shelby GibsonReading Specialist
    Kristi AiringSpecial Area Teacher
    Melanie BegnocheTitle I Math
    Nancy LorimerMTSS/PBIS/RTI
    Carey CrabbsLibrary Media Center Clerk - Classified Staff
    Kathi CrossCommunity Member
    Janelle PowgnasParent